Teenage Wasteland of the Arts


Teenage Wasteland of the Arts is a non-profit teen art collective and school based in Los Angeles.  

They hold classes once a week where teenagers can get help with art school applications, graduate-level instruction, and build a community of their peers.

In February, the artists collaborated on the TWA DOGMA 2012, a framework for the work they made this spring:

Every piece must have an element of collage

Work made under the dogma must be a time-based piece

Work must be explicit

Everyone must accept everyone else’s opinon/pages

Everyone is a real fascist

Art is not a means but an end

Art is not one or the other DIT (do it together)

Binary thinking is prohibited

There is no sexuality

All rules must be broken

Art goes to museums to die – Art cannot breathe under glass

The process of meandering is necessary

We are post-post-modern


Selected works by TWA participants:


Right now, the students are fundraising to cover the costs of their most recent gallery show at Human Resources in Los Angeles and for the companion DVD documenting the work.  Check out their Kickstarter.