Teen Prodigies of the Spanish Cinema

Teenage is screening this weekend in Barcelona at the In-Edit Festival, so here’s a collection of highlights from the work of Spanish teen actors across the decades.

Ana Belén (video above), an iconic Spanish actress and singer, made her entry into film stardom in 1965 with Zampo y yo at the age of 14.

Rocío Dúrcal was born in 1944, at in 1962 made her film debut with Canción de Juventud (Song of Youth). She died in 2006, and a bronze statue of her was built in Grenada in 2009.

Perhaps the most famous of them all, Marisol burst into Spanish hearts and began her climb to iconic status at 14 in 1962 in Tómbola.

Teen twins Pili and Mili Bayona were known in the 1960s as “Whiskey y Vodka” and “Como dos gotas de agua” (like two drops of water).

Juan Jose Ballesta was born in Madrid in 1987, and won the Hugo Award (Spain’s equivalent to the Oscars) for Best New Actor for his role in El Bola in 2000 at the age of 13.

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