Punk CD Includes “My Sharona” “Mickey” and “Don’t Dream It’s Over”!

These YouTubers couldn’t have said it better

pzeud0nym : “I totally remember spraypainting ‘INXS’ and ‘The Knack’ on the walls, pissing off the establishment soooo much. I still have the Men At Work tattoo on my face to show my punk devotion. Maaaan.”

346436 : “To complicate things they also released a compilation album called Soft Rock Ballads which included Anarchy in the UK, War Pigs, Too Drunk to Fuck, Peace Sells, White Riot, Caught in a Mosh, Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter, Killing in the Name, and Sex Farm.”

Hilarious. Thanks for the tip Anne Eastman!