Throwback Thursday: PROTESTS

Teens are often better than adults at noticing injustice and taking a stand against it. Adults call it rebellion, teens call it the good fight. Adults say it’s because teens have less to lose, teens say it’s because adults have forgotten what’s important in the world. Today we take a look back at teens taking a stand against what they deem to be unfair or just not right. Check out the Stepney School Strike of 1971 in the UK, the Little Rock Nine of Arkansas, youths of the El Salvadorian Civil War, desegregation in Tennessee, the London Student Riots, and youth of the NAACP.


Youths of the FLMN by Claire Lucido


Strength in Nine by Colin Murphy


The Stepney School Strike of 1971 by Kelly Rakowski


Desegregation in Tennessee

While this is definitely not an example of youth taking a stand against injustice, it still illustrates the lengths teens will go to stand up for something they believe in, even if said belief is based in bigotry.


NAACP Youth by Kelly Rakowski


















Mark Vallée: Dissident Youth by Matt Wolf