A Murder of Crows


“Coraliza” was recorded in 1988 by A Murder Of Crows, the music project of 19-year-old Elliott Stillwater-Rotter, later known as Elliott Smith, and Garrick Duckler.

The band recorded their album, The Greenhouse, after completing their first year of college. Smith at Hampshire and Duckler at Reed.

The tape is divided into two sides, O’Larry and O’Reilly, with a corresponding poem printed on the cover:

O’Larry is dead and O’Reilly doesn’t know it
O’Reilly is dead and O’Larry doesn’t know it
Both of them dead in the very same bed
and neither one knows that the other is dead

The other poem on the cassette cover:

takemeback thingtosnap
deep-end upinprovidence
whipplow laststop lastdance oakdaleridge
scissors nscotch lineoffire
ontothebed pointblank

The Greenhouse was the band’s only release.