Throwback Thursday: BEAUTY

Miss Teen America started in the 1980s, but teen beauty pageants have been around for much, much longer than that. Eva Fridell won the 1922 Washington Tidal Basin Beauty Contest at the ripe age of seventeen. In honor of Ms. Fridell and all those other forgotten queens, today we look back at our coverage of teens putting their best faces forward in hopes of being crowned most beautiful. Check out the first Russian beauty pageant, Soviet beauty queens, Miss Iran 1978, Eva Fridell, Miss Navajo, and Miss 19. Plus, a brief history of the tan, which of course goes hand in hand with teen glamour.


The Girl with the Curl


Miss Navajo by Kelly Rakowskibeauty10

The First Russian Beauty Pageant by Claire Lucido


A Brief History of the Tan by Monika Zaleska


Miss Iran, 1978 by Kelly Rakowski


Soviet Beauty Queens by Kelly Rakowski

Miss 19 by Kelly Rakowski