Strawberry Switchblade

Glorious Glasgow! Jill Bryson and Rose McDowell who formed the band Strawberry Switchblade at the age of 20, talk clothes making, boyfriend lists, and give love advice to heart-achey fans inside of a Keith Haring inspired box!


“The first Strawberry Switchblade gig, December 1981 at Spaghetti Factory in the West end of Glasgow, near the university. Hardly anyone came cos it was snowing and no buses were running.” — Strawberry Switchbladeswitchblade_japan_airport first_pic

“That’s the first picture of Strawberry Switchblade. Right to left that’s Janice the bass player, Rose, Carol McGowan who played drums, and me. It was very cold. That’s up near the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. That must be the winter of 81-82.” — Jill Bryson


“That’s me in my Donny Osmond phase. I must be 11 or 12 years old. I hope you appreciate the artistic arrangement of Donny Osmond posters. I even had them on the ceiling.” — Jill Bryson (above)

Check out this gorgeous music video of theirs, “Who Knows What Love Is.”

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