Herbert List’s Greek Gods and Humans

Athens, Greece, 1937. “Spirit of Lycabettus.” Photographs of mortals, stones and spirits by Herbert List. Haunting, mystical, epic, and sometimes funny.

Above, Lycabettus.

Above, the shadows of Poseidon’s Temple.

Above, Santorini Island, 1937. “The captive fish in its bowl and the open sea symbolize man who, being tied to earth, can never quite break free from matter, and who, while having intimations of a sublime world is yet unable to immerse himself in it because he is trapped in his body” — Herbert List.

Above, a young Greek friend of List’s.

Above, List’s Greek friend Ritti who was the model for the entire Lycabettus series.

Above, youths of Naxos Island.

Above, a shepherd of Crete.

Above and below, a worker from Athens.

Scanning the horizon.